How to Update Your TomTom GPS for Free

How to Update Your TomTom GPS

Please visit the link for a crucial TomTom update. TomTom recommends this update for all VIA series gps units. This will also allow you to update to the newest map available for your unit. Please follow these instructions by going to:

  1. Select the country you are in and select “Download Now”. Follow the on screen instructions to save this program.
  2. Connect your unit to the computer using the supplied usb cable.
  3. On the upper right corner of the webpage click on “Create Account”. Here you will be prompted to set up an account using your email address. Please fill out the rest of the information on the form.
  4. After the form is filled out click on “Create Account”, then “Continue”. Leave the unit plugged into the usb while the unit downloads.
  5. The GPS will restart itself then you will have to click on “Get Items” on “My Overview” page. This will bring up the TomTom update and also the newest map will be available to you.
  6. Click “Start Downloading”. Allow the unit to download these files (download times will vary depending on your computer).

Once you are finished downloading the files to your GPS unit, it will have the crucial TomTom updates and also the newest map available for your area!

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