TomTom Rider 1 and 2 Power Button Hard to Push

TomTom Rider GPS Stiff Power Button

If you have recently purchased a TomTom Rider or Rider 2 GPS, you may have noticed that the power button is pretty hard to push.  We have heard from a lot of customers that think the GPS is bad and won’t power, but it could just be that the button is not being pressed hard enough.

Reason for the insanity

The reason the power button on the Rider series of GPS is so difficult to push is because it was designed to be waterproof.  It is generally used on motorcycles and therefore often comes into contact with the elements.  Having the button so stiff also makes it difficult to turn the GPS unit on accidentally in your pocket or bag.

Our Suggestion

We suggest using a pen or some similar hard object to push the button with, this will save on the pain in your fingers.