How To Connect 2 Foot Pedals for Double Bass Pedal on Rock Band

Here I’m going to explain for all you drum enthusiasts, how to connect two drum bass pedals for use with the Rock Band video game.  I will be covering two possible ways to accomplish this.  Note that this method will also work in some Guitar Hero games as well.

Double Bass Pedal Y Cable

Picture of Double Drum Pedal Cable
Double Drum Bass Pedal Y Cable

The first option is a simple Y cable that will allow the signal to be split between two bass pedals.  The male end of the cable would plug into your bass pedal port as normal and you would plug each bass pedal into the two female ends of the cable.  The downside to this method is that there is a limit to how fast it can go.  When one bass pedal is being held down, the other pedal will not register, so the first pedal will have to be released before the second will register a kick.

Need this bass pedal Y cable?

Double Bass Pedal Splitter

Picture of Double Bass Drum Splitter
Double Drum Bass Pedal Splitter

A second option available is to get a powered pedal adapter box.  This would be setup similar to the Y cable, where the adapter would be plugged into the normal bass pedal port and each bass pedal would be plugged into the adapter box.  The benefit of this method, I believe, is that it eliminates the issue with the Y cable, where it won’t register two kicks at the same time.

So, there you have it, two methods of getting double bass pedal action working with your Rock Band video game, Happy Drumming.