How to Update Your TomTom GPS for Free

How to Update Your TomTom GPS

Please visit the link for a crucial TomTom update. TomTom recommends this update for all VIA series gps units. This will also allow you to update to the newest map available for your unit. Please follow these instructions by going to:

  1. Select the country you are in and select “Download Now”. Follow the on screen instructions to save this program.
  2. Connect your unit to the computer using the supplied usb cable.
  3. On the upper right corner of the webpage click on “Create Account”. Here you will be prompted to set up an account using your email address. Please fill out the rest of the information on the form.
  4. After the form is filled out click on “Create Account”, then “Continue”. Leave the unit plugged into the usb while the unit downloads.
  5. The GPS will restart itself then you will have to click on “Get Items” on “My Overview” page. This will bring up the TomTom update and also the newest map will be available to you.
  6. Click “Start Downloading”. Allow the unit to download these files (download times will vary depending on your computer).

Once you are finished downloading the files to your GPS unit, it will have the crucial TomTom updates and also the newest map available for your area!

How to Insert the Window Mount into your TomTom VIA GPS

How To Connect 2 Foot Pedals for Double Bass Pedal on Rock Band

Here I’m going to explain for all you drum enthusiasts, how to connect two drum bass pedals for use with the Rock Band video game.  I will be covering two possible ways to accomplish this.  Note that this method will also work in some Guitar Hero games as well.

Double Bass Pedal Y Cable

Picture of Double Drum Pedal Cable
Double Drum Bass Pedal Y Cable

The first option is a simple Y cable that will allow the signal to be split between two bass pedals.  The male end of the cable would plug into your bass pedal port as normal and you would plug each bass pedal into the two female ends of the cable.  The downside to this method is that there is a limit to how fast it can go.  When one bass pedal is being held down, the other pedal will not register, so the first pedal will have to be released before the second will register a kick.

Need this bass pedal Y cable?

Double Bass Pedal Splitter

Picture of Double Bass Drum Splitter
Double Drum Bass Pedal Splitter

A second option available is to get a powered pedal adapter box.  This would be setup similar to the Y cable, where the adapter would be plugged into the normal bass pedal port and each bass pedal would be plugged into the adapter box.  The benefit of this method, I believe, is that it eliminates the issue with the Y cable, where it won’t register two kicks at the same time.

So, there you have it, two methods of getting double bass pedal action working with your Rock Band video game, Happy Drumming.

How to Assemble & Sync the Guitar Hero 5 Wireless Guitar Controller

Assembly and Syncing of the Guitar Hero 5 wireless guitar controller is really pretty simple.  Below I will show the steps required to assemble your guitar and sync it for all the different gaming platforms.

Assembly & Sync Instructions

Playstation 2 & 3

  1. Connect the neck of the guitar to the base of the guitar
  2. Install the batteries
  3. Connect the receiver to a USB port on your console
  4. Turn ON the Playstation system
  5. Turn ON the guitar controller
  6. Press and hold the Connect button on the receiver
  7. Press the PS button on the guitar to synchronize it

PS2 PS3 Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Instructions

Nintendo Wii

  1. Turn ON the Wii console and press SYNCHRO
  2. Remove the battery cover from the Wii Remote and press SYNCHRO
  3. Connect the neck of the guitar to the base of the guitar
  4. Plug the Connector on the guitar into the Wii Remote
  5. Insert the Wii Remote into the guitar controller
  6. Attach the Wii Remote cover on the guitar

Wii Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Instructions

Xbox 360

  1. Connect the neck of the guitar to the base of the guitar
  2. Install the batteries
  3. Turn ON the Xbox 360 console
  4. Press the Connect button
  5. Turn ON the guitar controller
  6. Press and hold the Connect button to synchronize it

Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Instructions

Follow this link to Download the full Guitar Hero 5 Quick Start Guide for each console.


Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Repair – Battery Replacement

Are you having problems with your Xbox 360 wireless headset not charging or not turning on?

First, you will want to try the following possible fixes:

  • Try fully charging the headset (if it’s not turning on).
  • Make sure the headset is at room temperature (it may have issues if it is too hot or too cold).

If after trying the previous solutions, your headset still won’t charge or turn on, it may be that the rechargeable battery inside is dead and needs to be replaced.  We have found that 75% of the no power problems on the Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless headsets are due to a bad battery.

If you have determined that your headset needs a new battery, we have a wireless headset battery available for sale for much cheaper than buying a new headset.

Installation is easy; if you are using one of our batteries, simply solder the cables onto the board – red to yellow, and black to blue.  The battery with the yellow and blue cables will be replaced with our battery with the red and black cables.

Image of Old Headset Battery
The old battery with blue & yellow wires.
Image of New Headset Battery
The new battery with red & black wires.

If you are able to do some simple soldering, this is a fairly easy and inexpensive fix.

Download A Game Client to Install Your Blizzard Entertainment Game

Tired of switching multiple discs to install a game?  Follow these instructions to download a game client from Blizzards for any Warcraft, Starcraft or Diablo series game, to make the install easier.

This is assuming that you already have a account and have already added your game authentication key/s to your account. If not, view instructions on how to add a game authentication key to your account.

1. Go to

2. Log in to your account. log in screen shot

3. Click on the Manage My Games link or the ACCOUNT link in the top navigation menu. Account Links Screen Shot

4. Click on the game you wish to download, from your game accounts list or you can click on Download Game Clients under the Games & Codes drop-down menu. download game links screen shot

5. Find the download you are looking for, most likely the Full Game Client and click on either the Windows or Mac link, depending on your system. download game client screen shot

6. This will download the installer program to your computer, once downloaded, run/open the file and follow the steps to download and install your game, at this point it becomes similar to a regular cd/dvd installation.
World of Warcraft Installer Screen Shot

Add Your Game Authentication Key to Your Account

Follow the instructions here to add a game authentication key to your Blizzard account. Useful for any Blizzard Entertainment game including the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo series.

1. Go to

2. Create an Account on, if you don’t already have one. Account Creation Screen Shot

3. Log in to your account. Login Screen Shot

4. Click on the Manage My Games link or the ACCOUNT link in the top navigation menu. Account Links Screen Shot

5. Click on the Add a Game button or click on Add or Upgrade a Game under the Games & Codes drop-down menu links to add a game screen shot

6. Enter your game key in the box and click Activate Game, if you entered the correct key, your game should now be added to you account. enter game key screen shot

Now that your game is added to your account, you can download the game client to install the game on your computer. This is helpful if you don’t want to do a lot of disc switching during install or if you don’t have the game discs at all. Follow these instructions to download the game client to your computer and start installing your game.

How to Clean Cell Phone Display

After constant touching with your fingers and your face, you cell phone screen gets pretty oily and dull looking. Using the proper items, you can get your cell phone display shiny and clean again. Follow this guide to clean up your cell phone screen.

You Need:

  • Eye glasses lens cleaner wipes or laptop screen wipes
  • Clean dry microfiber cloth


  • Isopropyl alcohol diluted 50/50 with water
  • Clean dry microfiber cloth (possibly two if it’s small)


If you are using one of the pre-moistened lens or laptop screen wipes, then you can gently rub your screen clean with that and dry any excess moisture immediately after with the clean, dry microfiber cloth.


If you are using the alcohol mixture method, make sure that you apply the liquid to the cloth and NOT directly to the screen. Once your cloth is SLIGHTLY moistened, you can gently rub your screen clean and then dry any excess moisture with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Other Tips:

  • I once saw a video of someone using toothpaste to clean there cell phone display, don’t do that.
  • Do not use any household cleaning supplies, such as Windex, as it can damage your screen in the long run.
  • Avoid using any cloth other than microfiber (such as paper towel) as these can cause scratches on your screen.

What is the best GPS brand (2011)?

The most popular GPS brands on the market right now are Garmin, TomTom and Magellan.  While Magellan is a good brand and does perform well most of the time, I am going to focus on the top two brands by far, which are Garmin and TomTom.  Looking through many different GPS review sites, you will notice that the top reviewed devices are most always from either Garmin or TomTom.


Garmin is by far the highest selling brand, taking up over 50% of the market.  Garmin GPS units are easy to use and have many features available.  Garmin GPS uses NAVTEQ maps, which are more complete and accurate in North America.


TomTom units on the other hand a far more customizable than Garmin and because of that, can be slightly more difficult to operate.  TomTom GPS units use Tele Atlas maps, which tend to be more accurate in European countries.


So, in summary, if you are looking for the best, easy to use, and full featured GPS on the market or want the most accurate North America maps, choose a Garmin.  If, on the other hand, you are tech savvy and are looking for a more customizable GPS or want the most accurate European maps, choose a TomTom.